Pat’s Pro Car Wash & T.R. Emissions Brookhaven



• Five Vacuums:

  75¢ to start = 3 min and 25¢ for  

  each additional min

  1. Two Auto Fragrance Spray Stations:

   75¢ for 40 seconds

• Air Freshener Dispenser:

  $1 per Air Freshener

  1. 4 - 5 Car Wash Bays (depending on

  the time of day bay 1 is reserved for

  Pat’s Professional Detailing

  Services) $1.25 minimum / 4 

  minutes 10 seconds every additional

  quarter = 50 seconds open 24 hours 

  a day

  1. Foaming Brush Made With Hogs


• Pressure Washer

Pat’s Pro Car Wash Brookhaven contains four do it yourself car washing bays and one Professional Car Detailing Service Bay. On site products and services provided include four industrial strength vacuums, two auto fragrance spray stations, five car wash bays that include Tire / Engine Cleaner, Pre Soak, Soap, Foaming Hog’s Hair Brush, Rinse, Clear Coat Protectant, and Wax.

T.R. Emissions

Come to T.R. Emissions for quick and professional emissions testing, in a friendly environment. 

*Discounts available for multiple car customers

Inspection Prices

$20 - 1996 and newer

$25 - 1995 and older

Pat's Pro Car Wash Brookhaven & T.R. Emissions

Professional Car Detailing

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Atlanta, GA 30329

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